in the historical centre of the city, in Szentháromság square

Archiepiscopal Palace and Library


Archiepiscopal – Treasury

Paprika Museum

Along the Danube river on the southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain we find the city of Kalocsa. The archbishopric – founded by St. Stephen – administered a huge territory and if there was a need, fought defensive battles. During the long Turkish occupation both the city and the countryside were laid waste and depopulated, revived later in the 18. century. In half a century the archiepiscopal estate was restored together with the diocesan administration located in magnificent buildings. In the second half of the 19. century the archbishops made Kalocsa a school city of national reputation. The 20. century saw the triumph of the world famous paprika, as well the local folk art.

The buildings in Szentháromság square downtown still keep the historical atmosphere and we can detect the relics of the glorious past and the rich collection of the archdiocese is kept in the surrounding buildings.

In the archiepiscopal palace we can admire the great Library, very rich in codices and incunabula. Very spectacular is the reading room of archbishop Adam Patachich (1776-1784) decorated in beautiful Baroque style, containing many volumes in golden-leather cover. Here is located the historical exhibition of the Library.

On the other side of the Szentháromság square, next to the Cathedral, we find the Archiepsicopal Treasury located now in the house of the canon historian Katona István (1732-1811). In the permanent exhibition of the Treasury we see a great display of various relics of the archdiocesan history (e.g. carvings, manuscripts, documents, paintings, commodity objects, medieval pontifical gravestone, liturgical vestments etc.) Here we can find the artistic works of the famuos priest-painter Peter Prokop (1919-2003).

In the proximity of Szentháromság square there is an old chapter mansion Szent István. Here is now the well-known Paprika Museum. In the loft of the house we find an interesting collection explaining the whole history of the paprika cultivation together with the means of productions. A great experience is the aroma of a big garland made of thousand paprika.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to visit the Library, Treasury and the Paprika Museum, taking a stroll between the buildings about two or two and a half hours. It is very rewarding to pay a visit to the Cathedral, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Hungary, enjoy a musical experience listening to Angster organ concerto appreciated very much by Liszt Ferenc. There is a chance to have a pleasant relaxation strolling in the archbishop’s garden, the greatest park in the city. Kalocsa is an ideal place for one day long excursions. The millenarian history of the city is in many ways interconnected with the history of Hungary. We wish you a pleasant, enriching excursion in our city.

Accessibility, Opening Hours, Tickets in Sale

Cathedral Library (Főszékesegyházi Könyvtár)
Baroque reading room from the 18. century (Patachich-Library)
6300 Kalocsa, Szentháromság tér 1. (In the Archiepiscopal Palace)
Tel.: 0036-78/465-280, 0036-30-539-7461 E-mail:

Open: April 1st to Oct. 31.
Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-17.00
Outside of this time an arrangement is needed. The baroque reading room can be visited only in groups. Individual visitors (less than 10 persons) are accepted here at 12.00 and 14.00 hours.
Entrance fee: 800.- HUF. Combined fee 1.500.- HUF.

Archiepiscopal Treasury (Érseki Kincstár)
Millenarian Archbishopric (permanent exhibition), Prokop Artgallery
6300 Kalocsa, Hunyadi u. 2. (Katona István house)
Tel.: 78/461-860 E-mail:

Paprika Museum
Exhibition of Hungarian Paprika agriculture
6300 Kalocsa, Szent István király út 6. (Szent István house)
Information for individual or group visits on the premises.

Transport to Szentháromság square

By car and bus:
from the highway 51 (Budapest-Baja) passing through the city take turn to Kossuth Lajos street in order to reach the Szentháromság square. Parking place is available in the immediate vicinity behind the cathedral in the direction of Asztrik square.

Busses on regular services
stop at the Hospital on Kossuth Lajos street, from here we can reach the Szentháromság square about 5 minutes by walking.

1. Archiepiscopal Palace and Library
2. Cathedral
3. Archiepiscopal – Treasury
4. Paprika Museum

The paprika produce of Chili-Trade Kft. are for sale in the Paprika Museum.

Archidiocesan Collections of Kalocsa,
6300 Kalocsa, Szentháromság tér 1.,

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