During the half year up to June 8, 2011 our website received 2.5 million page views (10.06.2011)

After analyzing the server’s log files we prepared the following statistics for our archive’s website for Dec 8, 2010 - June 8, 2011:

The most traffic was generated by our registered users who viewed a total of 1.5 million pages. The number of registered users of the E-Research, Matricula Historia On-line Service was 180. The number of log-ons (research events) was over 4,600, which means an average of 25 daily research events. Naturally, there is a wide variance among the individual researchers’ activities. The number of log-ons was over 100 in the case of 10 researchers and was over 50 in case of 30 researchers. The average number of log-ons was 30 by an individual e-researcher. From the daily statistics of log-ons it can be seen that the seasons and the weather also have an effect on the time spent by research. In the spring, as the weather got better and days got longer the number of log-ons per day decreased: during the winter months the average number was around 30, while in the spring between 20-25.
Our website had a significant traffic by unregistered users as well. These unknown, unidentified browsers gave more than 1 million requests-tasks to our server.
Our e-researchers and other browsers clicked on our website 2.5 million times in the last half a year.
These statistics show that our archive’s new service generated research traffic unprecedented in the history of our institution. The number of e-researches by registered users is multiple of the number of the traditional researches in the archives, (e-research provided 15 times more traffic in half a year than the annual traffic of traditional research,) and besides this non-registered browsers clicked on our website in an average of more than 5,000 times daily.