Content, Structure

The initial e-research service in the fall of 2010 was based on 250,000 digital pictures, taken  from the diocese’s parish manuscript volumes during one year, as part of the Communio project.  According to our plans the number of pictures will continuously increase. Naturally, we tried to make the orientation easier in the sea of files by giving precise file names (each file name keeps its source’s archival record index), and also by establishing a unified, thematic directory structure. The pictures are fundamentally arranged by parishes, that is by settlements, within that there are two main groups: vital records and other volumes.  The thematic structure is as follows:

Anyakonyv_Matricula\ - the parish’s vital records from beginning to 1920
K,E,M_Bapt_Cop_Def\ - baptism, marriage, and death registries (the classical registries)
Mutato_Index\ - index volumes of  baptism, marriage, and death registries
Vegyes_egyeb_Diversa\ - other registries (confirmation, military, converted,  etc.)
Kotet_Volumen\ - the parish’s other volumes from the beginning to about 1950
Egyhazkozseg_iskolaszek__Parochia_Schola\ - diocesan school board and council records
Egyhazlatogatas__Visitatio_Canonicae\ - canonical visitation records
Espereskeruleti__Districtualia_Vice-archidiaconalia\ - protocols of vice-archdiaconal conferences
Leirat_korlevel__Intimata_Currentales\ - royal and governmental rescipts, transcripts of diocesan circulars
Nepesseg_osszeiras__Status_animarum\ - census, family books, school-aged, list of voters, etc.Tarsulat_egyesulet__Consociatio_Confraternitas_Sodalitas\ - protocols and registries of associations operating in the parish
Tortenetiras__Historia_domus\ - Historia Domuses and occasionally other historical records
Vegyes_Diversa\ - documents on various topics that cannot be categorized in the above


From parishes that were located in the former Bács-Bodrog county and mainly ended up beyond the Hungarian border after the treaty of Trianon, we mostly have sources of vital records, thanks to the duplicate baptism, marriage, and death records collected after 1826. But on the territory of the current Kalocsa-Kecskemét archdiocese, which is the area of Bács-Kiskun county, we visit and explore the parishes and generally photograph other, local history type of  volumes as well. The list of digitized documents can be reviewed/browsed in detail with the help of a downloadable Excel file. The volume numbers shown here (the vol_+ number after the archival record index number) also help identifying the documents, because these numbers can also be found in the name of the directories containing the images of the document. Therefore we recommend using the table together with the picture viewer service.
The picture viewer service is available only to our registered researchers/users, but an introductory, so-called demo version may freely be utilized at the following address: