If you would like to use our e-research service and wish to register, please fill our online Registration Form.
You have the choice of three possibilities:
access valid for 15 days – 30 image copies to be downloaded (jpg file) - 2500.- HUF/10 EURO registration fee
quarterly access (valid for 3 months) – 100 image copies to be downloaded (jpg file) - 5.000.- HUF/20 EURO registration fee
annual access (valid for 12 months) – 400 image copies to be downloaded (jpg file) - 15.000.- HUF/60 EURO registration fee
Access authorizes to browse full data base of Matricula-Historia-online service which is updated on the website of KFL also giving information about the number of images published. The image copies can be requested in specific number as jpg files which can be downloaded and saved by the researcher’s computer. The commencement and exact duration of research access is given by the Archives in the letter confirming registration via e-mail.
If you have any questions in advance, you can contact the archives’ associates by clicking on „Contact us”  on our site’s main page.
Paying and receiving the registration fee, creating the user name and establishing his/her usage rights, in other words, the administration procedure may take a few days. We apologize for this delay.