Research aids

While using the service the historical schematism available on our archives web page may be helpful. The essential data of the diocese’s parishes and also its clergy can be found in it. Among the aids supplementing the historical schematism a Latin-Hungarian dictionary of Christian names, a Latin-Hungarian list of terms used for ecclesiastical posts/mandates, and a key to tipical latin abbreviations can also be found. Further on we would like to collect and publish bibliographical data related to family- and local history of individual parishes.We have received several suggestions regarding preparing/publishing methodological guides, Latin-Hungarian vocabularies, etc. Collecting/preparing and publishing such aids on our web page would be truly useful.


We have a tremendous amount of technical/administrative type of work related to our new service. Currently producing the digital pictures and gathering the sources is being done at full blast, thus presently we have no capacity for fabricating research aids. We trust that the time for such task will come and our service will develop in that regard, too.